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  • 3D Printer Can Print Biological Tissue

    Scientists have presented a 3D printer that could print biological tissues at the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.


    The researcher Hod Lipson, of american university Cornell says that what he and others are researching is a printer that instead of printing plasstics, can instead print with biological materials, forming three-dimensional tissues.


    Currently, the team is working at printing ears for use in reconstructive medicine.


    The printer is not very different from an inkjet printer or plotter.


    The idea is that in the future each patient has minute details of his body stored in the computer of doctors.


    If in the future said patient comes to need a new cartilage, a meniscus, an ear, a bone, or even an organ such as a kidney or a new set of lungs, it would suffice to recover that information.


    After that the patients own cells would be collected and placed in culture to be used as "ink" to print new body parts.


    To Hod Lipson, the technology can be part of daily life within 20 years.