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  • Açores as Preferred destination of Europe of 2014

    In 2014, Azores will receive the title of "Preferred Destination" by the European Travel Agents and Tour Operators Associations (ECTAA). This is the result of an agreement signed between the ECTAA and the Government of Açores, which will help the archipelago be discoveredby Europe.


    "The Azores will receive a series of benefits, associated with information and promotional material from our destination, such as the site of ECTAA, newsletters, public presentations, among other things," said Vitor Fraga, Regional Secretary of Tourism, at the presentation ceremony of the agreement.


    "There will be easier access and the establishment of contacts, both with travel agents and tour operators, and all members of the ECTAA," he adds. "It is actions like this that help us build a path to success and make tourism one of Azores increasingly important and sustainable sectors.”


    With this protocol, the Azores will rely on "an open agenda with activities that will unfold during the year of application of the Protocol, ie the year 2014. But, apart from all its benefits for the Autonomous Region of Azores, the agreement also enhances the promotion of the archipelago as a quality tourist destination."


    One of the major highlights of the promotional schedule will be the biannual meeting of ECTAA that in June 2014, will be held in Ponta Delgada. according to the statement by the regional government. Azores will "not only participate in the organization of the event, but also have a constant presence in the work, intervening with ideas and projects."