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  • Android L - Telephone One and others from Google

    One of the news highlights is the Android One, a hardware platform aimed at developping markets, which include Android and low cost hardware. The aim with this project is to offer a mobile phone such as it was presented in the conference, with a price of less than 100$, a 4.5 inch screen, dual SIM and radio. Sundar Pichai explains that Google wants to increase the number of mobile phone users (1 billion), daily SMS' and selfies (20 billion and 93 billion repectively).


    The company also revealed the Material Design, a proposal to standardise the general look of online applications and the mobile operating system, Android. The new style is minimalistic and has plenty of free space, with information boxes that dissapear when they are not necessary. This interface is also going to be used in the company's new wearables.


    The Androis OS will have a new version starting autumn, the Android L. This update will work in cars, monitors and smartphones, according to Material Design. The lock-screen will show nofications, which the user can interact with or make dissapear. Upon making a Google search using Android L, the user could be directed to a relevant app that has already been installed. The way of dealing with multitasking and the display of results that have been found using search engines has been modified this Summer, and the Android L implements the Project Volta, a way of monetizing battery usage. Finally, Google includes a kill switch, a way of remotely deleting the contents of the smartphone, in the case of theft. This functionality has decreased the amount of Apple devices being stolen since the release of IOS 7.


    The Android Auto will also arrive this year. The objective is to equip automobiles with a version of Android that offers functionality similar to that of phones and tablets. The interface is similar to Google Now, a pogram with which the user can give voice commands and navigate using Google Maps, send SMS' using speech recognition software and play music. Apple and Microsoft have already announced and/or released similar projects in assosciation with automobile manufacturers.


    Finally, google also presented the Andoid TC, a mixture of Google ChromeCast and Apple TV. The user can send contents to your TV and access apps and games. There's still a connection with Google Knowledge Graph, which permits the user to make searches using voice commands and see the results on the monitor in a visually appealing fashion. Androids SDK will be used to program for many different formats, so that we will quickly have more apps accessible on the Android TV. The objective is for the user to be able to play a game on his TV with his friends that are on a smartphone.

    source: exameinformatica