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  • Computer Generated Emotions

    Japanese researchers have created “emotions generated by a computer.” The system recognizes the users face and reflects it, but it applies certain emotions so that the reflection appears to be smiling. This way, the user themselves will smile and start feeling better.



    The system Evoking Emotion shows the reflection of the user as someone who is smiling, even if they are not, reports CNet. This system is composed of a camera and a screen. The camera captures an image and identifies the users face. The computer program is prepared to transform facial expressions in real time, using image processing to raise the corners of the mouth and change the area around the eyes. At the moment, only two emotions are available: smiling and sad.


    The study conducted with 21 volunteers shows that most of the users felt a link between the reflection generated by the system and the mood of each individual. When the reflection was smiling, the user also felt more cheerful. Japanese scientists intend to apply the technique in museums, films and exhibitions. In the future, this technology can also be used in the mirrors in clothing stores changing room as a way to induce the user to buy particular piece.


    source: exameinformatica