Back-Office - Apps

Manage the information of your web site by your self


We create back-offices that allows you to manage your webpage in a fast and intuitive way.


What is a Back Office?


A Back Office is a web software developed for webpage owners that allow them to edit the page content using a Graphic Interface.


To make this possible it's necessary to respect several factors such as Accessibility, Usability and Simplicity. If respected, any user without computer knowledge, will be able to manage their webspace easily.


Such Applications have many advantages. The reduction of manpower cost is one of them, because this way it's not necessary the continous presence of an IT/Programmer to edit the page content.


Another big advantage is the dynamics, the frequent content information update that the company wants to show to the public.


Nowadays, one of the most important aspect to a webpage be successful online is the Dynamization of the Information . For that reason, H2.3 develop back offices to our users be able to update all the information as always as they consider necessary, maintaing their users informed and updated with the last Company News and Campaigns.


We develop applications to manage:


Clients  Services • Content  Online Stores  Newsletters  Landing Pages.