Graphic Design

Graphic design involves the communication of messages and concepts using images and texts. It is a creative process that requires an in-depth study of your business as well as your target audience, in order to transmit your message simply and clearly.


In H2.3, we create intelligent brands and logos that are in line with our client’s business, and we assist in its promotion, facilitating recognition and highlighting what distinguishes it from its competitors.


To this end, we do:


Naming •

We create names that are born to communicate. We create a product name or brand according to writing, linguistic and consumer trend and behaviour studies and techniques in order to find an appropriate name for a brand. The name of the brand cannot be seen as a simple step of a project, isolated from the overall strategy.


Branding •

Branding comprises a group of practices and techniques that aim to build and strengthen a brand.

It normally refers to descriptive verbal characteristics and symbols such as the name, logo, slogan and visual identity representing the essence of a company, product or service.

The construction of a strong brand for a product, a product line or services is a consequence of an advantageous relation with the target-market. When the identification of a brand is positive and becomes strong enough, the brand becomes more valuable than the product that is offered.


Logos •

The logo is a symbol that identifies an entity that provides services or commercialises products, and distinguishing it from others. It can be used in establishments, advertisements, printed materials or correspondence. It’s the way an entity wants to be recognized by the public.

What makes up a logo?

The logo can be a symbol or a grouping of symbols that can be represented graphically through nominative or figurative elements or a combination of them both.


Example :  

Corporate Identity •                                        

To facilitate the recognition and promotion of a brand, it is important to use a standardized visual image.

A handbook with rules for use of the logo has been created - Corporate identity manual.