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  • Supporting the EU App Economy

    Supporting EU app companies to access sizable funding and to scale up


    With the increasing adoption of smartphones and social networks, the EU app economy has the potential to create revenue and jobs on a scale similar to that of the United States. But major bottlenecks threaten to hold back that growth: alack of access to funding for developers and a shortage of business skills and experience at app companies that inhibit their scaling up and sustainability. Focusing on startup app companies, the European Commission (EC) is looking for advice on initiatives focused on supporting app companies in overcoming these barriers and fostering growth. The EC is seeking perspectives broadly - ideas from the high tech/software industry or from any other industry are equally welcome. 


    In addition to the monetary prize, up to five top Solvers will be invited to present to, and network with, a group of thought-leaders from leading app companies, platform providers and EU officials at a meeting in Berlin in mid-November 2013. For each invited solver, travel expenses up to $1,750 will be covered. This is an excellent opportunity to help advance an industry and also to raise your profile in the app development community! 

    This is an Ideation Challenge with a guaranteed award for at least one submitted solution.


    Source: InnoCentive