• Parish Council Vila Nova Telha

    In 2015, the Parish Council Executive decided to proceed with the creation of the site, and after searching several companies opted for the services of H23 Webmarkting.
    We came to confirm that the choice was the right one, since we have a huge team of support that makes up the H23, taking into account their professionalism and seriousness.
    We appreciate all the effort and attention given us.
    The President of the Parish Council in 25-03-2015
    Joaquim da Silva Azevedo Sousa

  • Foundation Alberto Canedo

    In 2013, when we form the Alberto Canedo Foundation, and the need to create a site, and after several research we chose H2.3 company. Our choice was perfect for the quality, commitment, professionalism and patience of employees. Since then and where necessary we can use their services, and we are treated sympathetically and always very effectively.
    The Foundation Alberto Canedo thank and recommends this teamwork with great professionalism.
    Isabel Cristina Correia on March 24, 2015

  • Marinho Media Analysis

    Hereby thank the high professionalism, competence and dedication of the entire team of H2.3 Webmarketing.

    Best regards,

    Jorge Marinho

  • Union of Parishes of Gondomar

    Single, simple, clear and practical.

    We create together and we present a site with such attributes that to the Union of Local Administrtion of Gondomar (S. Cosme), Valbom  and Jovim,  are the most relevant for a faster and easier communication of all messages we want to convey to our citizens , which are our audience.


    Congratulations H23 through work, creativity and team.

    Union of Local Administration of Gondomar (San Cosme), Valbom and Jovim on 8 October 2014


  • University of Minho

    The direction of travel of micro and nano technologies had as its main strategy for publicizing the course creating a website where candidates and students to quickly find the information they need . The site that existed was already outdated and did not provide certain features which are understood as essential . Thus , it was decided to look for a company able to meet the specific needs that a site for a post -graduate may need . After market research we chose the H23 . What I liked most was the direction the competence and multidisciplinary provided by the H23 , which made us a guided tour of the proposed backoffice team for our needs . The process of restructuring the site was extremely fast and virtually no work for me , the course director . The backoffice is very intuitive and easily manages to maintain a website with these features . But what pleases me most is the friendliness they receive us, the fast response and competence in the performance of what they ask . So I congratulate the H23 .


    Andre ' Catarino , director of the Masters in micro / nano technologies on January 27, 2014

  • Bel Et Bon

    We thank all the professionals H2.3 commitment to the creation of our brand, branding, and marketing designed to promote this.
    Campaigns designed successfully fulfilled our expectations.
    Congratulations for your work!

    Beatriz Carvalho November 2013

  • Canto das Aves

    We thank the team of H2.3 full commitment and professionalism that put the development of our website (which has been a success) and we wish you the greatest success!

    Cristina Sucena on June 26, 2013



  • Aroma Renovador

    Htwo3, is a company with professionals whose experience have proven over the past years.
    The level of service is of great quality and professionalism, with quick answers to every problem that may arise is the escropulasamente deadlines met ..
    I also highlight the friendliness and professionalism of its employees, who knew soon capture our esteem and admiration. For all this, the H TWO 3 - is the present and future to a partner
    take into account the development of the activities of AROMA renovator.
    Elisabete Monteiro - 6th November 2012

  • Portus-In

    We thank you for your professionalism, dedication, and effort in the creation of our website.  We wish you the best.

    H2.3 – A professional team for professionals.

    Sofia Matos – 25th of September 2012

  • Molfil

    Pretty sites, they’re at H2.3. I already have three! (Molfil.pt, Institucional.pt and restaurantecasadapraia.pt)

    António Coelho – 31st June

  • Psic-Integrated Psychology

    Working with H2.3 has been a constructive and evolving process, with creative, dedicated and attentive professionals who presented solutions corresponding to the needs of PSIC. From the very start a professional partnership was created, based on ethics and a commitment to the proposed objectives. The outcome of this project is positive and is based on the constant analysis of the results, thanks to continuous monitoring and presence on the part of H2.3.”

    PSIC – Integrated psychology – 7th June 2012

    Jatir Schmitt – Psychologist

    Joana Vitória – Therapist

  • The Foz Yoga School

    “We started our collaboration with H2.3 about 11 months ago and the result has been entirely positive. It was a process of growing together, exchanging ideas, and sharing experiences and knowledge. Thanks to a constant exchange of opinions and concepts, our partnership with H2.3 allowed us to create a website that fully corresponds to our needs and image.The members of the team were available and cooperative at all times, which allowed us to obtain a result that satisfied both parties.”

    Evelyne Praxl - 25th of June 2012


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