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  • Urbanism Design


    A design team in Montreal, whose objective is to bring magic to daily events, installed an interactive musical swing set at a bus stop in Montreal.




    It's a giant public instrument, a game where together, it is possible to achieve greater things than all alone. When moving, each swing triggers different notes, and when used together the oscillations create a musical composition in which certain melodies only appear through teamwork. The behavior of each individual depends on the rest of the group: it's a game where, from the very beginning, everyone has to adjust to the actions of others.


    The project stimulates the sharing of group spaces, unifying people of all ages and origins, and creates an area to play right in the center of the city.


    “The current version of this project is being developed so that these group moments can be experienced all across the world” says the representative of the team responsible, "Daily tous les jours"